As we approach the holiday season, Asheville residents and business owners will be traveling all over to visit friends and family. Many will lock the doors on their homes, storefronts, and warehouses for several days in a row, and unfortunately, some may return to find a plumbing emergency. 

A plumbing emergency occurs when a catastrophic failure of your pipes or plumbing systems results in a steady water leak. This kind of seemingly unstoppable drip, or sometimes even torrent of water flowing into your home or business can cause significant damage. 

We have developed this guide to help make sure you are prepared to respond quickly in the case of a plumbing emergency. If you have any doubt, make sure you contact your plumbing professionals at Barlow Plumbing Service, Inc. 

Every year, nearly 100 million of us take to the road, the rails, and the skies to visit family and friends for the holidays. While we’re worrying about the presents we need to wrap, the items we need to pack, or the Ubers we need to order when we arrive, there is another concern to think about: plumbing. 

If it didn’t make your busy holiday to-do list, you’re not alone! But by taking a few easy steps, you can prepare your plumbing system for winter - and for your absence. 

The summer is about to be in the rearview mirror. Days of 80-plus-degree weather are coming to an end. Soon, the searing heat will be no more, and you will have to leave the house with multiple layers on to combat the chilly outdoors.

Along with putting on additional layers, there are things that need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth fall and winter season. One of those things is to prepare your plumbing system at home for the colder weather. 

Barlow Plumbing Service, Inc. will be there every step of the way but has some expertise to share on how you can take care of your plumbing this upcoming season.

Even though we did not see a white Christmas here in Asheville, it has been a cold final week of 2017. Temperatures have dipped well below freezing, and in some locations in our area, will not rise above 32-degrees till after the new year. If this is any indication, we may be in store for a cold January.