Five Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes

frozen pipe

Even though we did not see a white Christmas here in Asheville, it has been a cold final week of 2017. Temperatures have dipped well below freezing, and in some locations in our area, will not rise above 32-degrees till after the new year. If this is any indication, we may be in store for a cold January.

When the mercury dips below freezing, especially into the twenties and teens, water in metal pipes can freeze and expand. When the frozen water expands, it can cause pipes to burst and malfunction. With prolonged temperatures below freezing, homeowners and Asheville residents should take precautions to make sure their pipes do not freeze this winter.

In this article, we will discuss five tips for making sure your pipes do not freeze this winter:

1) Perform Proper Plumbing Maintenance

The key to preventing any plumbing issues or failures is performing proper plumbing maintenance. Plumbing maintenance steps include:

  • Flushing your water heater
  • Checking for leaking interior pipes
  • Checking for leaking plumbing appliances
  • Making sure toilets are not running
  • Checking for leaking faucets

2) Repair Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes should be repaired as soon as possible. Mold can develop within 48 hours of water damage. Furthermore, leaking pipes can exacerbate issues related to temperature. If you have a leaky pipe, contact a professional, licensed plumber immediately.

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3) Insulate Exposed Water Pipes

Pipes in your basement, crawlspace, or garage are more susceptible to freeze. Insulating pipes with designated pipe insulation can help prevent heat loss, improving your home’s energy efficiency, and keep pipes from freezing.

4) Close Garage Doors

While the freeze continues, make sure your garage doors are closed at night. If temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing during the day, continue to keep doors closed until our area experiences moderation. If your garage is especially cold, consider adding additional heating.

5) Leave Water Running Slightly

Before going to bed, turn on water and allow it to drip steadily from a kitchen faucet. This keeps water running through your pipes, making it less likely to freeze. When temperatures are particularly extreme, you may need to start running water in the evening, when the sun goes down.

For more information about frozen pipes, or help if they do freeze, contact Barlow Plumbing in Asheville, NC.

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