When it comes time to start looking at projects for your spring honey-do list, the dreaded plumbing projects are often some of the most intimidating. Whether changing out a fixture or cleaning out your garbage disposal, homeowners are typically very likely to put off taking care of the plumbing systems in the home due to the complexity and possibilities of doing real damage. 

What a blessing indoor plumbing is. Aren’t you grateful you live in a time where indoor plumbing exists, and the majority of our homes use toilets instead of outhouses in our backyard? With this gift of indoor plumbing, we want to try our best to take care of it.

After a long hard day at work, it is so relaxing to step in the shower and take your time letting the hot water massage your muscles. It’s something that can be taken for granted until your water heater begins to let you down. The water is no longer hot, and few people enjoy cold showers (we think Wim Hof practices are best when they’re a choice).

Summer is here and is the ideal time to check out your plumbing system to ensure that everything is working correctly. Even though the honey-do lists seem to be piling up, your plumbing should not be set aside for a later date.