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tub valves, shower valves and faucet valvesInstalling, repairing and maintaining bathroom fixtures can be an easy way for a DIYer to get themselves into hot water. Without sufficient plumbing knowledge and experience, what may seem like a routine project can quickly turn into a big plumbing problem.

Common Mistakes in Bathroom Remodeling

There are a few problems do-it-yourself homeowners may run into when attempting to remodel their bathroom plumbing fixtures themselves. Among these mistakes:

  1. Not measuring properly before ordering new fixtures. How far are the toilet bolts from the wall? Some older homes may not have enough room for standard toilets. Are there any funky pipe setups under your sinks? That could affect how a new faucet would be installed.
  2. Not following drainage protocol. Did you know that you need to vent your sink drain? If you don't, the drain won't function properly to keep sewer gases from entering your bathroom. That's a problem that could really stink. 
  3. Overtightening the supply lines. Did you know that trying to get the hoses really tight can actually cause leaks? If you aren't sure how tight to secure your water supply lines, it may be best to leave the project to the professionals at Barlow Plumbing.

Professional Bathroom Fixture Installation

Let the professionals at Barlow Plumbing get your new bathroom fixtures installed right to ensure long-lasting and beautiful results in your bathroom. We are know all plumbing requirements to get your bathroom remodel done right. Whether you need a new tub valve, shower valve or faucet valve, our staff will get the water flowing in no time!

Bathroom Fixture Repair

If you notice a bath tub leak, shower leak or bathroom faucet leak, you'll want quick and responsive professionals to diagnose and solve the issue. Bathroom faucets may be more straight forward since most of the faucet valves and water lines are more easily accessible, but it can be trickier to access and repair broken shower valves or repair broken bath tub valves, since those can often be inside walls. Trust the professionals at Barlow Plumbing to repair your broken or leaking bathroom fixture.