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bathroom remodel and new bathroom constructionIf you are remodeling your home, Barlow Plumbing is your best choice in plumbing installation services. We are the experts at kitchen remodel plumbing, bathroom remodel plumbing, and home addition plumbing in the Asheville area.

Should I DIY My Remodel Plumbing?

Some homeowners may be tempted to handle plumbing projects themselves. There are a few projects that you may be able to take on yourself. Here are a few that you may consider tackling without the help of a pro. However if you think you may get in over your head, or if you've already attempted DIY projects and they've gone awry, don't hesitate to contact Barlow Plumbing to get you out of the weeds.

DIY Plumbing Projects You May Be Able to Do

New Faucets

Installing or replacing a new faucet is relatively simple. It involves loosening the existing faucet hardware and disconnecting the water supply lines, then securing the new hardware and reconnecting the water supply lines.

Where you may run into trouble is if you over-tighten the water supply lines or have any kinds of leaks in the supply lines. In that case, it is best to call in the pros at Barlow Plumbing.

Toilet Hardware

A quick and easy way to update a bathroom is with new toilet hardware. Many DIYers can replace the toilet seat or replace the flushing handle using kits from the local home improvement store. You'll want to call in the plumbing professionals at Barlow Plumbing to help replace a toilet or diagnose leaks. Leaking toilets can waste as much as 200 gallons of water each day, or 6,000 gallons in a single month.

Plumbing Projects to Leave to the Pros

Beyond small projects mentioned above, most other plumbing projects are best left to professionals. Anything involving moving or adding onto your existing plumbing system will likely require specific permits or inspections. Barlow Plumbing knows how to do this properly. Among the projects best left to the pros: