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repiping home plumbing

Are you worried about your home's plumbing and piping? Older homes may be prime candidates for repiping, but there are some pipes installed as late as the 1990s that can also cause issues. Problem pipes can leak or taint your drinking water with rust or other chemicals.

Different Pipe Materials have Different Lifespans

There are different pipe materials, which means there are different lifespans intended for pipes to last. Don't know what materials your pipes are made from? You'll want to call Barlow Plumbing to come out and inspect. Water supply lines are under constant pressure, so when a pipe starts to fail it can be a damaging leak in no time at all. Brass and galvanized steel pipes typically last 80-100 years; Copper typically lasts 70-80 years. Cast iron (often used in drain lines where waste leaves your home) typically last 80-100 years.  PVC pipes typically last 24-40 years. 

5 Signs You May Need Repiping

1. You have hard water or high water pressure

"Hard water" means you have a relatively high amount of minerals. These minerals can build up within your pipes, restricting flow and increasing water pressure. They can also corrode plumbing joints and fittings. High water pressure can also stress pipe joints and fittings.

Barlow Plumbing can adjust your home's water pressure or help tackle hard water issues, which will help your home's pipes last longer. If left untreated, you may have to replace the pipes.

2. You have lead pipes

Lead piping leaches lead into your water, which is harmful when consumed. Lead can cause developmental delays in children, and is toxic to all people. If you have lead pipes in your home, call Barlow Plumbing to discuss repiping.

3. You have polybutylene pipes

Polybutylene pipes were installed in homes up until the 1990s. The problem with polybutylene pipes is that they are prone to breaking. If you have polybutylene pipes, call Barlow Plumbing to discuss repiping.

4. You have discolored water

Discolored water is a sign that your home's water is mixing with rust. It could be caused by a rusty hot water heater tank. If so, Barlow Plumbing can replace your old water heater. Discolored water could also be a sign that your pipes are rusting and in need of replacement.

5. You have leaks

A leak in one place could be your first red flag that you may have leaks elsewhere. Why? Most of your pipes were probably installed at the same time, so if your pipes are having problems in one place it is very likely they are having problems in places you can't see. Unseen pipe leaks can be much worse because the water damage caused can destroy your home and put your health at risk as the chances for mold increase.

Cost of Repiping Your Home

Because most home plumbing is concealed behind walls, the cost to repipe can be quite high. It may be best to consider repiping when you're planning remodeling projects. Contact Barlow Plumbing today to discuss repiping your home.