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Hose bibs are the garden hose spigots found on the outside of your home. When installed properly, hose bibs (also known as hose bibbs) will serve your outdoor watering needs for years. Problems with hose bibs often include leaky spigots. A small leak can result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water if not addressed.

Barlow Plumbing can install, replace or troubleshoot your outdoor spigot problems or outdoor hose bib problems.

Hose Bib Options

There are many hose bibs on the market, and each serves a different purpose. Among the types of hose bibs:

  • Frost Free Hose Bibs. These are the most common and typically withstand frost or freezing weather conditions. Frost-free hose bibs are designed so that you do not need to turn off water supply during the winter. Older homes may not have frost-free hose bibs. Before the first frost, you'll want to weatherize your hose bib using something like a foam insulation box over the spigot.
  • Keyed Hose Bibs. These allow homeowners to remove a small key (which is essentially the handle) when the hose bib is not being used, and is great for controlling who has access to the water supply. Without the key, others cannot turn the water on or off.

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