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sewer line installationBarlow Plumbing is your source for sewer line installation. Properly installed sewer line will serve your home efficiently and odor-free for years.

Sewer mains and sewer lines must follow North Carolina plumbing codes, meaning you'll need the professionals at Barlow Plumbing to install or troubleshoot your sewer line. Installing sewer line requires digging, maintaining proper slope, preparing the trench bed, laying the pipe and connecting it to your home and the end point, whether that be city sewer facilities or a septic tank.

Signs your sewer line has been installed improperly

Frequent clogs

If your sewer line is clogging, it could be due to improper slope. Too much slope in a sewer line will cause liquid waste to run too quickly to be able to efficiently wash away solid waste in the pipe. Sewer line clogs can also be caused by tree roots growing into the pipes.

Foul odors

A properly functioning sewer line should not be noticeable. Foul odors coming from your sewer line is a sign that there could be a leaking or busted pipe. Pipes can be damaged by tree roots, earthquakes, heavy machinery or heavy rain.

Slow drains

Many slow drains are caused by hair accumulation, but it can also be a sign of a bigger issue within your sewer line. In addition, using corrosives to clear hair can damage older pipes, causing additional headaches. Call the professionals at Barlow Plumbing to troubleshoot your slow drain issues.