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Barlow Plumbing is a leading expert on professional toilet repair and replacement. When doing a remodel, it can be obvious that your toilet needs to be replaced. But what are some of the other signs you may need either toilet replacement or repair? Here are a few signs your toilet needs attention:

  • There’s a dripping noise in the tank AFTER it fills
  • The tank fills with water after being flushed
  • The water in the toilet bowl drops
  • It mysteriously flushes twice in a row
  • It has a weak flush that doesn’t work all of the way
  • The flush is strong, but still doesn’t work all of the way
  • It emits a whistling sound when the tank is filling
  • There’s a gurgling in the tub and/or sink when you flush
  • It takes a really long time to flush
  • It always clogs
  • It runs all the time

If you’re noticing these problems, or seeing other suspect symptoms, reach out to us. We have the expertise to address these issues swiftly, and can recommend what the best course of action may be.

Call Barlow plumbing for your toilet replacement or repair, both for residential and commercial needs.