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A satellite town north of Asheville, Weaverville is a great place to live and visit. Barlow Plumbing enjoys providing plumbing expertise, repair, and installation experience to the Weaverville area. If you live there, in Asheville, and surrounding areas, you can find out more about how to make sure your plumbing systems are working well through our website and blog.

Plumbing Repair Weaverville, North Carolina

Providing quality plumbing repair throughout Asheville and surrounding areas, Barlow Plumbing’s technicians are experienced, and professional. Whether you own your own home, or rent out vacation properties, for professional plumbers in the Weaverville area, contact us.

In Weaverville, temperatures dip below freezing 70 to 100 times per year; however, summers temperatures often eclipse 90-degrees. If you have plumbing repair needs, it is vital to have them addressed as soon as possible. If you are in Weaverville, Asheville, or western North Carolina, water issues, combined with humidity, can lead to the development of harmful mold.

Plumbing Installation in Weaverville, NC

A suburb of Asheville, Weaverville has experienced considerable growth throughout the years, with new residents frequently building and remodeling homes in our area. Handy homeowners may be tempted to DIY their home’s plumbing projects; however, we recommend evaluating your options, and giving Barlow Plumbing a call, before you begin installing new plumbing in your home. Our plumbing installation services include:

  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Water heater changeout and installation
  • Basement and Sump Pumps
  • Water filtration systems
  • New faucets, toilets, sinks and showerheads
  • Comprehensive plumbing systems
  • Other plumbing installations by request